Saturday, December 14, 2019

Duane says

Duane Benson [ my son] lives in the Portland, Oregon, area and is director of marketing for Milwaukee Electronics and Screaming Circuits. “We get good tech jobs in this area, but the more jobs we get, the lower the quality of life gets for those workers,” he said. “Commutes get longer, housing gets more expensive.”

Benson said the answer, generally, is not to send high tech jobs to smaller, more remote cities. “The supply chain does not reach out to those smaller cities,” he said. “The cultural and community things that tech workers want are less likely to be there. We need to be real creative in the areas where people want to live. High income jobs cannot exist without low-income jobs in support and low-income jobs cannot exist if low-income earners cannot afford to live in an area. We need fast, easy and inexpensive ways for people to get around and to add community housing in the mix…Attempting to create new tech centers without solving these problems will just end up re-creating the problems in other areas.”

Duane's comments are in response to “How to grow tech jobs in the heartland, as told by techies by Matt Hamblen in Fierce Electronics on Dec 13, 2019. The full article can be read on: how to grow tech jobs-...

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